Flexible Passes

If you aren’t able to commit to regular training but still love our classes and want the flexibility to come when you want, then Flexi-Passes are the way to go!
Drop In - Single Day Pass


One day pass for CrossFitters from other boxes to hang out and WOD!

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Drop In - 7 Day Unlimited Pass


This pass is for visitors who will be in the area and would like to Crossfit for more than 2 times in a week.

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10 Punch Pass


This membership allows you to attend up to 10 classes.

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A Membership is the best way to become the stronger, leaner, more flexible you! Our Memberships provide accountability and encourage consistent training which is the best way to see amazing results. We offer membership options to suit a variety of goals and needs.


A coach will work with you to go cover the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit, plus other movements. They will also explain how to become efficient at the work, while at the same time keeping you safe by showing you good form in your movements. You will be introduced to different styles of workouts at the end of each session to help prepare you for all levels CrossFit class.

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Gold Plan


You will be able to attend and unlimited number of classes.

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Teen Gold Plan - Unlimited


This membership is for teens from 12-18 for unlimited times a week

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Teen Silver Plan - 3x a week


This membership is for teens from 12-18 for 3 times a week.

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Silver Plan - 3x a week


You will be able to attend classes three times a week.

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Our Best Value

Grab our 21 Day Unlimited Trial for $199 and see what the a membership can do for you! 21 days of fun, unique classes and a community of people to support you in your goals!
20 Punch Pass


This membership will give you the ability to attend 20 classes.

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